May 03, 2006

Top five signs "someone" is addicted to emoticons...

  • They get excited about the new animated faces available with the all-new Skype 2.5. These include:
    • The "call me"
    • The "bear hug"
    • The "green with envy"
  • When forced to "rough it" without pre-generated icons, they believe the number 8 connotes nerdiness, as in:
    • 8-)
  • Every other chatted word is replaced with a picture. For example:
    • {pizza} {thumbs up} {clock}? = Would you like pizza and, if so, when?
  • They say, "Hey, a winking smiley in sunglasses is very cool!" They say it, and not in oxymoronic fun.
  • The Walmart "price slashing" smiley face is suddenly sexy, very sexy. (OO, and they're having a sale on tube socks!)

P.S. and by "someone" I mean The Boyfriend


Blogger JJ said...

I absolutely refuse to use emoticons. I know there is a tendency to read the wrong things into typewritten language but I just feel (and hope and pray) there is another way to clear things up.

7:18 AM  

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